Milwaukee Plastering Services

Ornamental plaster repair, reproduction, and installation:
Medallions, keystones, arches, etc. expertly recreated.

Flatwork wall and ceiling repair, texture-matched to eliminate the appearance of a repair.

Historical restoration, renovation, and preservation

WE ALSO LOVE SMALL JOBS! If you are a homeowner with a small repair, do not be shy about calling, we love small jobs! Not every job we do is a theater or historic building, but we give every job the same care and attention to detail!

Cracks, water damage, damage due to remodeling, etc.

If you are doing an addition to an old home with textured plaster walls, we can match the new texture to the old and make it look like it is original to the house. We can do the same on exterior stucco.

COMMERCIAL JOBS If you have a large construction project, an old theater, bank, museum, or other historic building, please call. We love the challenge of larger projects and can reproduce the kind of architectural details that make old buildings so unique.

Some of our great plastering services: 

  • Historical Renovations
  • Historical Preservation
  • Patch and repair plaster and stucco from water damage and leaks
  • Refinish walls after wallpaper removal
  • Repair settlement cracks
  • Fill and repair holes
  • Repair after remodeling damage from new plumbing, electrical, window or door replacement
  • Restore and resurface walls and ceilings
  • Transform existing brick and concrete fireplaces
  • Stucco and plaster for new residential and commercial buildings
  • Barrel Ceilings
  • Custom Ceilings
  • Stucco
  • Ornamental plastering
  • Statuary Repair
  • Medallions plastering
  • Terracotta masonry
  • Exterior Moldings and Castings