Question:  Once my plastering has been completed, how soon can I paint it?

Answer: This depends on several factors such as temperature, air flow, house ventilation and coats. Some skim coats only take a few days to dry completely. However, renovation plasters and backing coats may take longer. It is always best to ask us when the project is completed as that this is a  project by project answer.

Question: Does all of my furniture have to be removed prior to plastering being done or can you work around my furniture?

Answer:  Plastering is a dusty dirty job, that said, it is best that the furniture is removed. If it can NOT be removed for some reason, we will look at the room and let you know then if we can just cover the furniture. However, this is not recommended. Always ask before your job begins.

Question:  Can you plaster around my heating radiators or do they have to be removed?

Answer: No, you do not need to remove them.

oriental plasteringQuestion: Can you plaster around my switch plates and electrical sockets?

Answer: No, you do not need to remove them.

Question: Does my carpeting need to be lifted up to plaster?

Answer:  It is always best to have the carpet lifted IF possible. However, Milwaukee Plastering does take special care to protect your carpet using waterproof coverings prior to starting work.